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The Women In Me (Needs The Man In You

Written by Twain/Lange
(recorded by Shania Twain)

I'm not always strong
And sometimes I'm even wrong
But I win when I choose
And I can't stand to lose

But I can't always be
The rock that you see
When the nights get too long
And I just can't go on


The woman in me
Needs you to be
The man in my arms
To hold tenderly
'Cause I'm a woman in love
And it's you who I run to
Yeah, the woman in me
Needs the man in you

When the world wants to much
And it feels cold and out of touch
It's a beautiful place
When you kiss my face

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah the woman in me
Needs the man in you
I need you baby
Yeah Yeah
Oh baby...