Most Fascinating Women in Country Music
#2 - Shania Twain

Country America, July/96 cover First, let's get this out of the way: If you had a tummy that flat, wouldn't you show it off too? Sure, she's country's bare-bellied belle, but she's also made an album-sales crater six million CD's deep. That puts her alongside the late, great Patsy Cline, the only other country female artist ever to make the cash register ring so loundly. But Patsy's not cutting any new material - Shania is. That means Shania will soon be completely in a stratoshperic sales league of her own. You can count on it. Beyond gold. Beyond platinum. They'll have to invent a new designation. Maybe Twain-tainium.

shania She tantalized us by not touring, by living in the woods of upstate New York, by marrying a publicity-shy producer named "Mutt," a man so far out of the spotlight he doesn't even cast a shadow - except in the recording studio, where it counts.

"I like chopping wood," Shania told me last year. "I like making fires. I love smelling like fire. That's my favourite smell. I love it when my hair smells like fire."

Makes perfect sense to me. There's nobody hotter than Shania. If there ever was a country star on fire, it's her. Burn, baby, burn.
By Neil Pond, Country America, July/96 cover


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