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Shania Shines

LOS ANGELES (AC-CP) - Canadian Shania Twain's star continues to soar after snaring the best new country artist prize at the American Music Awards. "I can't believe I made it up here," the singer from Timmins said last night (sometime in early 1996) with tears in her eyes. "Wow. I hope I'm holding this the right way," Twain, who was wearing body-clinging shiny black pants, said as she held the trophy. Twain, 30, who already swept five Canadian Country Music Awards last year (1995), is up for four Grammy's next month. Her album, The Woman In Me, has sold more than five million copies (now it's over 8 million - best selling female country album ever, becoming 3rd biggest seller of all time) Twain earlier lost to two country music giants, Reba McEntire as best female country artist (totally unfair!) and The Woman In Me went to Garth Brooks' album Hits.... The Toronto Sun, 1996


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