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Shania Twain Gets Experimental With 'UP!'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Shania Twain feels she has nothing left to prove musically, so she was able to take chances on her latest album.

She said releasing "UP!" was much easier than releasing her second disc because the second one was the "prove you aren't a fluke" project. After her self-title debut, "The Woman In Me" was her first diamond album that's 10-times-platinum and she was concerned that she'd achieved something she could never do again.

"There was much more stress on me the last time," Twain told reporters. "...The next album was kind of the test. Is she going to be able to do this again? And if she doesn't do it again, she'll probably go away like everybody else. So when the next album did triple that, I really did feel as if I achieved something that I may never achieve again."

Now, she said, she's gone "way beyond" her own personal goals in the industry, and she'll feel extremely fortunate "whatever happens from here."

Twain also said she's not looking to score bogus sales records with her three-version color-coded double CD "UP!"

"It's a technical thing, I technically can claim to," she explained. "But it's not true. That would be just some kind of trick. Trickery, or something. I'm not interested in that. I don't want be accused of doing anything like that. I wouldn't even want that.

"So when it legitimately qualifies for whatever number it qualifies for, it will be for the sale of each unit as a double. Period. And no gimmicks."

Twain said the three colored versions of her CD aren't a marketing gimmick. She said they were a sincere attempt to show facets of herself. "This is a whole, homegrown idea," she said. "If anything the label was saying to me, 'How are we gonna market this?' Cause it was just such a crazy idea having all these different styles of music and everything.

"I just wanted to give more. I wanted to give more choice. I wanted to portray all the different sides of me. It's all very true to what am. I enjoyed experimenting. I'm not interested in the gimmick of the whole number game."

Yahoo News, April 18, 2003


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