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Sassy Diva

Playful Shania

Down to earth: Shania Twain has avoided the tag of difficult diva. Photo: Jon Lindsay

Confident and playful on video, Shania Twain is another person altogether out of the spotlight, writes Christine Sams.

There are a whole lotta exclamation marks at the end of Shania Twain's new songs, with singles ranging from I'm Gonna Getcha Good!, Up! and Waiter! Bring MeWater!

But even though Twain is a pop and country music superstar (with exclamation marks to match!), the singer seems relatively understated in real life.

In conversation, Twain expresses the same everyday outlook as many of her female fans. She is career-minded but loves being a mum and wife. She also happened to sell 34million copies of her last album, Come On Over, which remains the highest-selling album for any female artist in the world.

In her music video clips, Twain is uber-confident and playful. Inside her hotel suite at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney last week, she seemed smaller, quieter and noticeably younger. Hardcore fans probably won't believe me, but Twain actually takes a badphoto.

But unlike Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Mariah Carey or Celine Dion, Twain has managed to avoid the tag of difficult diva or pompous princess. During her visit to Sydney, there was no entourage, no trailing paparazzi, no time delays, no superstar tantrums. Twain is apparently so down-to-earth it's hard to equate her with the hundreds of millions of dollars she is now worth.

The Sun-Herald, March 17 2003


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